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Notorious Burgers is open for business, and you don’t have to be born into it.

Opened December, 2012, this old city speakeasy reminiscent of the Rat Pack’s glory days will transport you back to a time when made men made history, prohibition proved pointless and bootlegging was boss.

If you think you’ll find better beef in this town, fuggedaboudit – our burgers are fresh, flavorful and among the many reasons we’re always mobbed. But they aren’t our only items packing heat – Notorious Burger’s menu also boasts sizzling sandwiches, sizable salads and a plethora of other palate-pleasing plates that appeal to gangsters and good guys alike.

So slap on a pin-striped suit and don your favorite fedora, because we’re about to make you a burger you can’t refuse.

Amazing burgers!

This place has amazing burgers, fries and beer. Everything else I've tried in the area pales in comparison in terms of quality and value. Yum Yum gimme some.

Try the Capone burger!

One must try the Capone burger if you haven't been here yet or haven't tried it yet. It's been on the menu since day 1. For those who enjoy beer, this is a great place to sample many different beers. They have a limited but good selection of wine for the menu as well.

Fantastic Burgers and Sandwiches

Fantastic Burgers and Sandwiches-- a great place for the family and excellent selection of excellent sandwiches and burgers -- you can't beat it in Carlsbad-- great beer selection and eat out or in but very crowded weekends and dinner time -- many families -- fries too are fresh and good.

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